Tuesday, April 5, 2011

opportunity, please meet preparation

It's official. The exciting news I briefly mentioned yesterday... I accepted a new job in Public Relations! I'm giddy with excitement. While my current job is great and the people are great, I'm growing a little tired of the politics world. So now I will be moving forward to handle the public relations for a restaurant! Food is much more my speed. Yum. 

The past couple months, preparationas I searched for jobs, were discouraging to say the least. It was one of those times where everything seems to be happening to everyone else. But I persevered with a bad attitude and finally found a new opportunity for me. 
Life needs a good does of healthy change every once in a while.


Bree said...

I'm so nervous to start searching for jobs. Mostly the interview stage and well, the actual job part, feeling like I won't know anything ha but I guess that's what training is for..

Ashley said...

Congrats girl! <3

erinholcomb said...

Congrats!! can't wait to hear more!