Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Uchiko in Review

While this is not the greatest picture in the world, it was the greatest bite of sashimi I've ever encountered. I've wanted to try out Uchiko since it opened in Austin, but the affair is usually trumped by Mexican Martinis at Trudy's when I visit from Dallas. On Friday, Sonya and I made it a point to have the appropriate dinner reservations to try out the more upscale scene of Austin (and celebrate her fancy lawyer job).

Sonya embarrassingly tried to order a Vodka Martini, but quickly reverted to a sake cocktail as the restaurant only serves beer, wine and sake. Appropriately grabbing a Larkin cocktail for myself, we sat outside chatting until our table was ready.  For being located in a strip center, Uchiko did a fabulous job of creating a waiting area to the side of the restaurant to avoid the off-putting scenery of Lamar traffic.

Our table inside was cozy and quaint with people calmly buzzing around to accommodate the packed restaurant. The tasting menu allows for a food adventure without commitment, perfect. After perusing the Yelp! reviews, we started with the Brussel Sprouts. They were as fantastic as a brussel sprout could be, and Sonya doesn't even like brussel sprouts! Maguro Sashimi and Goat Cheese (pictured above) stole the show. The sashimi was nearly melt in your mouth quality and paired with gooey goat cheese, it was surreal. The sushi rolls were nothing to write home about, but after the sashimi/goat cheese combo, what is? 

A little perplexed for expectations, we ordered Fried Milk for dessert. The waiter brought it with an additional plate of Sweet Corn Sorbet that we did not order, but decided to try, unfortunately. The Fried Milk was smooth and comforting like cereal from childhood, but the Sweet Corn tasted like cornbread and was completely out of place with the rest of out meal.

Great meal, wonderful ambiance and a lovely experience, but I'm not sure if I would become a regular anytime soon. 

*My personal recommendations are in bold.