Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brightening Days

Winter months are darker, colder and a little gloomier, creating a can't-get-out-of-bed feeling 24/7. Since that's not an option, it's time to create a space that cheers me out of bed in the morning. Yellow is the first color that comes to mind, but it's tricky. Yellow easily mimics a school-bus or mustard, which is not the look I'm after.

This is a great start. It's a terrible picture, but a great start. There are hints of yellow with blue and gray tied in to make the look more practical and less overwhelming. I love the lamps and chandelier, but not the "art" framed above the headboard.

So I continued my search on Pinterest, slowly realizing that I'm not a big fan of yellow (outside of the occasional accent piece) and then my sophisticated search for "best bedroom ever" brought me this little piece of heaven, solidifying my gut feeling:

If this is your room, I'm sorry, but you shouldn't consult with Strawberry Shortcake when decorating your bedroom. Sifting through many "best ever" pins is an interesting search with lots of makeup tips and recipes, but little design inspiration. So, I turned to one of my favorites, Z Gallerie and found this gem of an accent (on sale!).

This is sure to brighten any day. Ba da ba da pish. 

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