Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowcation 2011

The past two days have brought quite an unexpected interruption to the regular schedule and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to wake up early and not have anywhere to be, to relax and let the day happen.  My daily routine has become increasingly mundane, which makes me uncomfortably restless. I always felt this way in college, when I thought that school was keeping me away from the “real world.” Surprise, the real world is rather boring.

But is it my fault for making it boring? So much of life seems to entail patience, which I’ve never been good at. There are little moments that make up a life and each opportunity has the possiblity to breed more opportunity. And maybe it’s about not losing hope in the possibilities, not giving up by accepting the routine. Maybe the search is what keeps life interesting. To keep searching is to keep living. 

"It will normally happen over time. And it's the getting there which has been the most fun. You've got to be patient and enjoy, as I said before, the process of getting there. Because I promise you, it's a lot more fun than being there." -Simon Cowell, on Master Class

My little moments of escape:
Enjoyed migas for breakfast, both mornings.
Drank french press coffee.
Listened to Enya and Iron and Wine.
Baked Brownies (without eggs, because they were used in the migas), with chocolate icing.
Watched Master Class on OWN, which I thoroughly recommend.
Worked out.
Wrote a couple articles (worked from home).
Spent both days with my loves, Jeff and George.
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