Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning Motivation

As I sit here eating Chess Pie for breakfast, the thought of working out in the morning crosses my mind yet again. Waking up when my alarm goes off 30 minutes early and ignoring the snooze button is not an easy feat. So, here are some ideas to get the morning workout going until it becomes a habit and I look like Jessica Biel.

Set the Coffee Pot Timer.
There is little that wakes me with the exciting jolt of fresh coffee brewing (extra joy if it's some flavored delight)
Create a Playlist
Music is a fantastic motivator. It brings joy to my life and allows me to zone out to the tune words by someone else. What if I create a playlist the night before and don't allow myself to listen to it until the morning?! Tricky tricky.

Assemble Outfit the Night Before
This is key. My mind is not functioning before several cups of coffee and I can't workout in my pajamas (well, I could, but not without embarrassing myself).

Alright great idea, easy as pie. Speaking of pie...

Do you have any morning workout motivators?
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