Tuesday, November 29, 2011

San Francisco!

Today, the day American Airlines files for bankruptcy, I'm flying on AA to San Francisco. Wish me luck! I absolutely love San Francisco, even though I've only been there twice. It's a love-at-first sight type of thing. One of my dear friends from college moved there a few years ago and I can't wait to see her. 

Here we are in 2007, enjoying a fantastic snow day that delayed the beginning of the Spring semester. UT closed for two days, which we quickly filled with snowmen, popcorn and chickflicks.

And, nearly five years later, we grew up. Reality hits with real jobs, bills and complicated schedules. A month ago, we all got together for a fabulous dinner at Moonshine. I was late, but made it in time for the picture. Priorities.

So, hopefully there's still an American Airlines crew to fly me to San Francisco.
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