Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recommendations for Winter Weather

Oh hey winter, thank you for drying out my skin. It's unbelievable how quickly my skin reverts to its finest desert-land impression. There are a million and one recommendations when it comes to adjusting to the dry air of winter, but only a few have proven noteworthy year after year. My skin is normal/dry and I opt for more moisturizer when all else fails. 
This is what I've learned.

The most important step is to switch to a gentle, cream-based face wash, or even a cleansing oil. Moisture is king, and I've found that the creamier the better. Last winter, I used an oil cleanser which I absolutely loved! The oil removed all makeup and left my skin silky smooth. However, it is a balancing act, because I don't want too much oil, resulting in horrendously clogged pores.  I want to glow like Kate Bosworth, is that too much to ask?

Cetaphil is a great basic wash for sensitive skin. It's inexpensive and never irritates your skin. I like to keep this in the shower as my go-to, everyday cleanser. And, since it's such a mild face wash, it's easy to follow up with exfoliating treatments or face masks.

Pond's Cold Cream is perfect for removing makeup and adding moisture. It's also readily available at all drugstores at fantastically reasonable price-point. I first bought this because I read that Jenny from the Block's mom uses it to this day, and that was good enough for me. (Best when followed with toner.)

Cleansing oil is best for PM use. Origins makes a great oil cleanser that smells as great as it feels. That's what I used last winter. DHC is not a brand I'm familiar with, but the cleansing oil has received some rave reviews. This is a recent discovery that I can't wait to try!

The cleansing process is followed by various moisturizers/serums/masks that I promise to post about soon! 
What are your favorite products?
I love to hear personal recommendations above all else.

Please take these recommendations with a grain of salt. I'm not an expert and merely spend thousands of hours researching the best face care regimens, because I don't want to waste my $5 on the wrong Pond's product. These are all personal recommendations that I happen to love, with out any strings attached.

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