Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to my life, Spotify!

This morning I unassumingly clicked on someone's playlist link in Twitter, under the program Spotify. It was not a virus (thank you Jesus), but the newest advancement in music sharing!

Because sometimes my Mariah and other 90s Fascinations playlist just doesn't hit the spot and this variety of recommendations is priceless.

I'm a big music-discovery person, spending countless hours cherishing those 30-second and then 90-second clips in i-tunes before solidifying any purchases. While I'm still on my first shared playlist, the love is apparent. You can see other music recommendations from your Facebook friends, and you can click on the play button within Facebook to listen to the recommended songs of your friends in their entirety. Love at first sight.

As soon as I solidify the most perfect playlist, I will share via Twitter. Stay-tuned! 
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