Wednesday, October 19, 2011

george's lesson of the day

Dogs often growl at George when they meet. He's a ball of energy and sometimes he is a little too intense for other dogs. But George does not give up. Give him five minutes and George will win over even the most grumpy pup. It's a gift. But it's also interesting to watch how easily they get along after the initial hurdle is overcome. Once the differences are past them and George shows his relentless interest in the other, they become inseparable. To watch this roller coaster is entertaining (although sometimes stressful).

And then, how many more people would I know if I simply greeted them as they passed or didn't let a first impression derail me? I'm not the most open person and I like the friends I already have as oppose to meeting new ones. It's comfortable and safe. But everyday George runs up to a new stranger and licks there face. Now, I'm going to draw the line with personal space, but it will be a personal goal to start saying a simple "Hello!" to people I encounter throughout the day.
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