Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tribute to Thai Food

When the day feels like it will never end, or I've had a week filled with stressful late nights, there's always one thing I crave at the end of it all-Thai food. Finding the best Thai option is a game to me, I love the success and then the hope of topping my current favorite. It's always a to-go order and it must be spicy (when in doubt, add Siracha!). In Austin my favorite was the Thai Noodle House on campus. Not the best atmosphere, but absolutely the best take-out option.

With Dallas, the search began all over again and after many pad thai attempts, I've discovered a hidden, unassuming gem-Thai Thai. 
The pad thai and crab rangoons complete me. While the spice level is adjustable upon request, the peanut to noodle ratio is a perfect balance and this all deserves a top rating in my book. The restaurant is BYOB, which I appreciate (especially considering my uncertain paycheck), because pinot noir goes phenomenally well with a plate of pad thai.
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