Monday, October 17, 2011

complex perfume for a complex life

Perfume constantly reminds me of places I've been and things that were. It magically transports me completely through the senses, in a way that is personal, romantic and an extension of the self. Needless to say, I'm a bit obsessive about perfume.  I admire anyone who can settle on one scent and never waiver, they know who they are, but I'm still evolving, learning and embracing change. The perfect scent means everything, from first impressions to how you will remember each moment. 

Enter, a new find in the perfume department: Tom Ford Black Orchid. 
There was a sample at the bottom of my latest Sephora purchase and I finally got around to trying it out. It's magical. Conveying a musky scent that I'm always partial too, but then adding a bit of sweetness. It's a more complex perfume. 
As my life is a little complicated right now, it makes sense that I would fall in love with this.
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