Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 25!

 While this is a rather scary birthday for me (quarter-life crisis), there are so many wonderful things going on.  I lack the words to describe the bittersweet feeling that kept me up all night, so I will countdown the thankful moments I'm sure of.

  1. George, and every moment he is in.
  2. My Family and their support.
  3. My friends, they keep me smiling.
  4. Birthday flowers sent to work, complete with a cheesy balloon.
  5. Champagne toast last night at midnight.
  6. Planning a surprise party for a dear friend.
  7. Homemade macaroni and cheese, with truffle oil and chipotle tabasco (I'll post the recipe tomorrow)
  8. Discussing wedding dresses for a friend's wedding, and sending endless e-mails with new ideas.
  9. Bridal Shower Invites, love a good party.
  10. Planning a friend book for someone's birthday, so they can be constantly reminded how many lives they've touched.
  11. Passive aggressive behavior via facebook. It's hilarious.
  12. Co-workers taking me to lunch.
  13. My last day writing about politics!
  14. The opportunity in starting my new job next week.
  15. Surprise birthday dinner tonight!
  16. Legally Blonde. It never gets old, although it was a little cheesier than I remembered.
  17. Shellac manicure, my birthday present to myself.
  18. Spa week facial tomorrow morning!
  19. Taking the rest of the week off to do whatever I like.
  20. Wine and cheese night with the girls tomorrow.
  21. Mailing letters via snail mail.
  22. My books arrived from Amazon! Just in time for vacation days.
  23. Starting a new list of goals for this year.
  24. Snickerdoodle cookies I made for the office. I get to eat a few and am not tempted to eat all two dozen.
  25. Mad Men watch party.


Kristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Great list! Have a great day/week! And congrats on your new job! That'll be exciting. (I still have a little while until my quarter life crisis..)

Jamie said...

Happy birthday! Hope you've had a great day!

bloomedinjune said...

Happy Birthday! Hope 25 is your best year yet!

Tasha said...

Happy birthday! I hope your day was wonderful!

Saumya said...

Happy Birthday! Love your list!!

Bree said...

Happy belated birthday! I was trying to comment last night from my phone but couldn't because of the word verification :( Hope your day was fabulous and you enjoy the rest of your week off!