Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday SXSW Tunes

Don't let me fool you. I did not attend SXSW this year. However, with the beauty of technology, I can pretend. After scouring reviews, watching videos and listening endlessly to various acts from the impressive lineup, I've correlated a list of my potential favorites. Just because I wasn't there, doesn't mean I can't pick a favorite or two. Poser? yes.

Walk the Moon- Anna Sun
It's love. The video made my day.
King Charles- Love Lust
"lust only grows like anger and revenge or beauty comes and goes but love stays until the end."
NewVillager- New Doors
Haunting, good beats, best for late night driving.
The Walkmen- I Lost You
Classic rock...eventually.
Gemini Club- Future Tidings
a dance/techno jam
Meiko- Boys With Girlfriends
I've been listening to Meiko for a while, good for rainy days and cooking adventures.
The Chain Gang of 1974- We at the Disco
A song for your goofy dance, or maybe that's just me.
Calvin Harris- I'm Not Alone
David Donero- South of the South
Amazing Songwriter, sounds similar to Bright Eyes.
Ellie Goulding- The Writer
A song for dreams and sparkels! First heard here.
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