Monday, March 28, 2011

bangles of inspiration

 These bracelets just stole my heart. They're like inside out Kate Spade bracelets. "Live your dreams" and "Miracles Happen" would be great daily reminders to wear around my wrist without the permanence of a tattoo.  
I love them and with all of the occasions (graduations, birthdays, weddings) coming up they would make such a special gift.


Bree said...

I've kind of fallen in love with rose gold after getting my mom a few bangles in that color. If I didn't have such small wrists, I would definitely pass these on to my parents (ahem, grad gift lol) but nothing ever fits. I've found that I can just buy earrings (certain ones) and they work as a bangle. Live your dreams and xoxo are my fave :)

Kelly said...

I love those!! Very creative! I would want to wear multiple ones at a time!