Monday, February 7, 2011

product, product, product

One of my lifelong obsessions is products. I love them. The beauty aisles call to me. Even when I was younger my mom would have to tear me away from the makeup/skincare/haircare aisles every time she took me grocery shopping.

All this to say, I have acquired an embarrassing amount of personal knowledge when it comes to any type of beauty products. In attempts to justify my purchases and countless hours reading reviews, I will begin showcasing the biggest hits and the most disappointing misses.

Bad News:
Self Sun Face Tinted Lotion
My paleness is leaving me desperate for color, and while I would like to be tan, I would like for it to come without skin cancer. Enter a sunless tanner specifically designed for the face. Clinique maintains a solid reputation for quality. The brand has an extensive skincare line and I've always been completely satisfied with any Clinique foundation. So when shopping for a good, non-orange self-tanner to brighten up my ghost-face, this seemed like an obvious choice. The instant bronzer leaves a fool-proof, even application and the color is natural and glowy. But, the magic ends there. Every time I use this, my face breaks out. Every. time. My skin is not problem-skin, but this definitely irritates something in my pores. Use sparingly. We are in the dead of winter and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Good News:
M.D. Forte 
Facial Cleanser II
After over a month of consistent use, my (pale) skin is able to go out in public without foundation. When my dermatologist recommended it to me I was skeptical, mostly because it was available for purchase in his office. However, the results left me pleasantly surprised. The soap- and fragrance-free cleanser is extremely gentle, removes makeup, and, thanks to the glycolic acid, it has evened out my skin tone.

What are your favorite beauty products?

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