Wednesday, February 23, 2011

pay it forward

A stranger paid for my coffee this morning. Have you ever had a morning that just set a magical tone for the rest of the day? This was one of those mornings. Every moment aligned into a picture.  I woke up, fully rested before my alarm went off, and left early for work with George, who was all set for a day at Doggie Day Camp.

The employees at PetSmart all greeted George by name and he wagged his little body into the play area. I love him. Ok, no more George tangents.

As I take my exit for work, the split decision is made to pick up a misto and muffin at Starbucks.  Roughly 500 cars were in the drive-thru, but I had my satellite radio readily entertaining me so I joined the masses in line. Then, the most magical thing of all happened. I pull up to the window to pay for my goodies and the driver in front of me had already paid my bill! A stranger had picked up the tab, without even a honk.
“What?” I questioned as the barista explained the good deed once more.

I was stunned and pleasantly surprised by the kindness of a stranger. It’s as if Dallas were trying to prove me wrong, claiming, “See how great we are? You just need to be open to it.”

Then the Barista asked if I wanted to pay for the person behind me, and so I did. Pay it forward was happening in real time, and who knows how long the good deeds went on. I like to think it lasted all morning.
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