Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot Off the Press, in low viscosity rayon

(viThis morning the Today Show was on in the background as I chose an outfit in which I would attack the day. Then, following a brief update on New Zealand, a story began on the Lilo saga. Apparently she’s going back to jail for stealing a necklace and you’d think the story would end there and preferably on E! News. 

Lohan is either in jail, rehab or the club, not a huge surprise these days. But, for the Today Show, this is a breaking story that deserves our undivided attention. I listened as the report recounted every detail of her outfit, compared the ensemble t to her previous courtroom outfits, and then surveyed her jailhouse possibilities. Why? 

I don’t know and was immediately offended that this was the story that made the air. Out of 7 continents and 192 countries filled with possible stories from the previous day, we are discussing Lilo’s v-neck and pant option for her court appearance, which will likely result in jail.

It’s probably a matter of ratings. The American public wants to watch that, like a train wreck. Maybe it’s because the news is softer, fluffier and everyone is familiar with the main character (albeit tired of her). There’s little, if any, controversy and the opinions are linear. I don’t know, but I think it’s unfortunate.

Obviously I enjoy fluff and subscribe to a fair amount of fashion/celebrity magazines, but in the appropriate format and prefer fluff topics that are not yet exhausted. Grain of salt.
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