Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Winter Wardrobe in a Lunch Break

Today, I went shopping on my lunch break. It makes perfect sense: the crowds are smaller, lines are non-existent and the store is neatly organized for hassle-free browsing. Observing the 1-hour limit, I stopped at the nearest strip center and wandered in Old Navy. 
 Between the mannequin commercials and poor-quality, Old Navy hasn't seen much of me in quite a while. But today was a bit different. 
Wow, I was a little overwhelmed at finding anything, particularly at such great prices.

Basic Cable-Knit V-Neck Sweater, $20. 

Knit Cardigan, similar to this, is available in stores for $19.50. ridiculous. and soft.

Jersey Boat-Neck Dress, $20
I love this dress! It fits well and is a great casual dress to run errands in.

After perusing the website, it's probably better to go in-store. The prices are lower in-store and there seems to be a better selection than on the website. 
Happy Shopping and Stay Warm Friends!
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