Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where's your Christmas Spirit?

The article, Atheists Bus Ads Rattle Fort Worth, was featured in a newspaper last week. When I saw the accompanying picture, I could not help but laugh. There is a truck that was hired to follow around the city bus provoking thoughts of the "I think I Can" Thomas the Tank Engine. The tenacity is impressive and lovable. An Atheist organization in Ft. Worth raised money specifically for advertising on city buses. The ads were suppose to appear over 4th of July, but they had trouble raising money. This leads me to believe that they are putting all of their funds into some passive-aggressive fight, which is not productive. 
After religious organization fought the atheist advertisements, the city ruled that religious advertisements were no longer allowed to appear on city buses. This makes sense in the same way that religion is kept out of public schools. 

But, here's my issue with the whole matter: why promote a message meant to dispel a person's belief? "Millions of people are good without God," the ad states. Then, why the need to proclaim it? If you are fully satisfied in your rationale and reasoning, there should not be a lingering desire to now "convert", for lack of a better term, those who still have faith in a God. Religion is an important aspect of our culture and to many it is an indispensable part of their lives. Energy spent trying to take that away from someone who is not physically or emotionally harming you is an utter waste, and does much more harm than good. Let them believe, let them be, and stop acting jealous.
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