Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last night was lovely. No, I'm not stuck in a Victorian-era romance novel, but it was indeed a lovely night. When my original plans of dinner with the girls fell through, I enjoyed a quite dinner with candles lit and a good book. George was fast asleep on the couch (snoring like a train), the windows were open and letting in a cool breeze; everything was simple, peaceful and calm. I love nights like that. This morning was a continuation of this, while I took George on an early morning walk and sipped some freshly brewed coffee as I got ready for the day. Usually I sleep as long as possible and rush George outside, with barely a moment for mascara, much less coffee.
While these moments are nice, it's hard not to miss Jeff who has been traveling the last three weeks, Sunday-Friday. It's a much different routine when he's gone and there are many things I miss.

I miss cooking dinner and trying out new recipes.
Hugs in the morning and kisses at night.
I miss when he walks in from work and George shakes uncontrollably with excitement.
Laughing for hours and then reminiscing only to laugh again.
I just miss my Principe.

But I'm enjoying these quiet nights and anticipating every weekend!
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