Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nerd Alert

Things I love:
The Social Network (Facebook Movie)
The Social Network
The Social Network is a great movie about a defining aspect of today's culture. David Fincher did an incredible job directing this movie that could have easily disappointed. I was skeptical, immediately thinking that a movie about something so trite could only be dull. But all the elements came together: good script, good acting, good directing. It's worth seeing particularly for the generation that has grown up with Facebook.


Dear Glee,
I'm in love with you. Every time I watch an episode I get goosebumps. I giggle at the TV when no one else is around with no shame. The characters are endearing and the music is incredible and I don't care who makes fun of me for loving every moment of it.
Forever Yours,

The Sun Also Rises:
I read this book in high school and while it was great then, it is even better today. I'm a little sad it's taken me this long to rediscover it, but I'm glad it finally happened.

I would go on, but this post is getting nerdier by the minute. I promise I'm cool and don't just sit inside alone watching Glee and reading Hemingway.
Pinkie Promise.
I quit.
not cool.
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