Thursday, September 16, 2010

tales from last night

This is a true story.
Last night, on my way home from a meeting, I decided to stop at the grocery store to grab some Carr's Whole Wheat crackers. So, I grab my crackers and wait in the back of a long and slow express lane. Someone gets in line behind me, and then...

"I love that dress, where'd you get?"

I turn around to find a possibly homeless guy(?), and respond, "I think GAP."

"Oh, I love it. You're cute. How old are you?" In a "I'm a pimp" sort of way.

My phone is out and my back is turned to him, "Um, 24."

He, not being very good a context clues, continues, "When I was 24 I was in jail, and 21, 22, 23, and I got out when I was 25, but then I was in jail at 26 and 27 and then I got out again at 28." And then he smiles thinking about all he's accomplished.

By now my over-reactive mind is in full-swing and all types of conspiracy theories are going on in my head, about how this person is about to follow me to my car and everything bad. Jeff was on speed-dial and I was walking straight through the center of the parking lot in the most lit path.

Safe. As soon as I drove out of the parking lot (with my doors-locked)
I laughed.

But then I saw a lady with a FORENSICS jacket on walking down the street.

And I vowed never to drive in that neighborhood again, or at least alone.
even for Carr's crackers.
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