Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Packing for San Francisco

This weekend I'm taking a mini-vacation to San Francisco! One of my good friends from college lives there and it's her birthday on Monday=girl's weekend in San Fran. Yay! I've been counting down the days since I booked my flight. But, big dilemma. Apparently the weather in San Fran is hard to navigate and so I have no idea what to pack. Comfort, color, and layers is really all I've decided upon.

A few days ago I saw this look at anthropologie and decided to re-create it, which worked out pretty well.
Option #1

Then later, after coordinating the outfit and trying everything on, I thought it might look too much like an old school marm for our fun girls weekend, which led me to keep brainstorming.

(There's only one full day of adventuring which is what the outfit is for, I will change clothes while in San Francisco! But thanks for your concern.)

Option #2-Shorts?

But the worry is this- Is it too cold for shorts (even when paired with sleeves)? Originally I wanted to wear a cute skirt with a sweater, but the wind factor concerns me.

What do you think?
Any San Francisco weather insights?


Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Good Morning!

I used to live in SF and the weather is unpredictable. Layers and pants are almost always the way to go. Although they have had unusually high (80s) weather last week, I just know that I always froze my butt off in shorts! Perhaps pack a pair just in case!

Also - SUPER comfy shoes! You will more than likely be walking a ton and even the slightest discomfort always turned into an ordeal for me!

Can't wait to hear how your trip went! Tell my lovely SF hello for me - I'll be heading that way in late October! :)

- Meg

amy anne said...

That's a good point, the shorts won't take up too much extra room in the suitcase. I should probably stick with my first choice and just add some fun jewelry.

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Hey Amy!! Thanks for your sweet comment and thinking about me! I'm doing okay. Just exhausted and super lazy lately!!!!

Sounds like you are going to have an awesome time!!!! I think shorts would be fine with a cardigan or blazer! But then I've never been there so I don't know. Maybe some skinny jeans with the shirts from the top picture? Can't wait to hear what you decide on! :) Have fun!!!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Im loving the shorts look!! those outfits are both adorable!!

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