Wednesday, April 7, 2010

limbo do limbo da

So, last night I went out with one of my best friends for some much-needed Mexican food. It was amazing. But we got to talking, as most girls do, and we started discussing what a strange time of our lives we are in. We are 20-somethings in long term relationships and have gotten to the place where we either want to be married or single and living it up (a margarita-induced convo).

I struggle with this a lot, because I feel like I shouldn't spend my life wanting something else, but it's hard not to right now. I don't want to pressure my bf, but I don't want to sit around and wait for something to happen either. It's a hard life (ha!). This is like the prime time of life and I want to enjoy it. But at the same time do I need to be single to enjoy it? Aaah! Is there a cure for contentment? I just don't want to regret anything, but I definitely want more. What's a 20-something to do?!

(image: Peter Lindbergh)


Kelly said...

so many women are in your (and your friend's!) shoes! i think that you can make life exactly what you want. if you want to live it up and have a great time you can do that, single or with someone. it is all about balance! i have an absolute blast with my girlfriends. we are constantly getting together for coffee, brunches, dinners, dancing, nights in, you name it. but then i also have set aside time with my guy. and shoot! we even go out in big groups with friends.

i say, find a balance until the time is right (whenever that is and who know's when the "right" time is!!!). it seems like you have great friends and won't find it hard to find the perfect balance so you are content for a little while longer.

remember, you can be married forever, but being carefree with friends and a boyfriend is just a small part in our lives!

Brittany said...

Did you just read my mind exactly or what?! I am in the SAME spot you are, same age too. Just came across you blog. Feel free to spot by mine :-)