Thursday, April 29, 2010

Closing out the birthday month...

Goodbye Birthday month! You will be missed...
Let's reminisce over April favorites:

1. Food: Cape Cod's Sweet and Spicy Jalepeno Potato Chips
I do not even like potato chips and rarely eat them, but last night I not only purchased but ate an embarrassing amount of this bag...let's hope they discontinue the flavor soon.

2. Book: Stuff White People Like
One of my hilarious friends sent me this for my birthday and it is ridiculously spot-on. Seriously, Jeff and I both began impromptu story-times reading different sections to each other...and then Jeff read out loud while we were hanging out at the pool which was its own version of hilarity.

Cover Image

3. Best Makeup: The Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown = genius. It gives a perfect glow and goes well alone or over makeup. It's been particularly wonderful through the dreary weather, allowing me to pretend I just got back from vacation.
Beige Shimmer Brick Set
4.Best Sushi: Birthday Sushi at Little Katana!!

5. Best Dog: George Porge! always.
George's pick for April: Wild Alaskan Salmon Puffs. These are so great for his skin and overall health.
George thinks they are a delicacy.

Goals for May: Enjoy summer, stop eating potato chips, read more.


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

I love that first picture you posted!!! Wish that was me right now!! Hahaha. :)

I do not like jalapenos nor will I ever try those chips...but my husband could and actually does like jalapenos so much that he drinks the juice from the jar. Ew right? I'll have to buy him those chips to try.

Love those makeup colors!!!! I've been wanting to try Bobbi Brown makeup but haven't gotten around to it! Thanks for the great finds and George is adorable! :)

Also, thanks for your input on my dress!!!! I really appreciate your thoughts! Looks like black and white it is!!! I think I had only one vote for the blue one. Have a great day and stop eating so many chips! ;)

chelsea said...

how cute! Love the list, and I've been meaning to try the shimmer brick...and thanks a LOT. now I need those chips!

littledaisymay said...

My fave Cape Cod chips are the salt and vinegar ones...yum! That picture of George is too cute!

Anna Katrina said...

you too birthday lasts for a whole month too :) & i love the shimmer brick by bobby brown (i have it...its amazing) & your dog is adorable!

Anna Katrina

Simone said...

Fun post, you made me smile :)

Sometimes I think my only hope for stopping eating certain items is if they discontinue them LOL!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today....happy week-end!

elledee said...

that first picture is gorgeous! makes me excited it's spring!