Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chocolate is for bad days? obviously.

Excuse moi? While flipping through the Wall Street Journal, basking in some sunshine, I reached this outrageous headline, "Eating Chocolate is Linked to Depression." Now, I'm not an obsessive chocoholic, but I do enjoy a nice piece of dark chocolate after a long, stressful day, and I don't need the added stress of thinking that by eating chocolate I'm really dragging my mood down.

No wonder newspapers have really taken a nosedive.

I continue reading, allowing the article some time to redeem itself, and finally, it does, claiming that "It isn't clear whether people who ate more chocolate were more likely to be depressed in the first place-or whether the chocolate increased their risk." Thank you, now that is responsible journalism.

Further redemption came later in the article when one of the lead doctors researching the effects of chocolate on mood, Dr. Golomb said, "I tell all my patients: Chocolate is a vegetable." Now we're talking.

In other news, "Nor did coffee and other caffeine sources affect depression scores." Phew, don't drag my coffee into this too.
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