Friday, January 3, 2014

Hercules in Pennsylvania and on Twitter

Well, it’s Hercules out here. The snowstorm hit last night, and I’m currently continuing my winter hibernation. Call me high maintenance, but when it’s 4 degrees outside, I stay inside.

Pennsylvania is quite a new experience for this lifelong Texan. (Among my new talents: I can now identify snow trucks as they roam past my house.) There is a novelty to getting married and moving across the country to start our new life together as Amy and John, married couple. Married life is all it’s cracked up to be and there is something so endearingly special about having your forever friend by your side through it all. I’m so thankful for him and to share this unique opportunity with such a caring person.

Romanticism aside, Pennsylvania is cold and a bit isolating.  It’s not the Southern Hospitality that John and I took for granted in Texas. People tend to stay to themselves, which makes for an interesting obstacle when trying to meet new people.

The most humbling part is the inevitable job search. In Dallas, I was able to grow my marketing career with numerous PR and social media opportunities with a decent network of support.  In Montoursville, they ask you to snail mail your resume on over with a cover letter and formal application. While, I love a good paper product, I’m also a big fan of efficiency (i.e. email correspondence). This also doesn’t bode well for demonstrating the value of social media. So, tweet me. (@aavercher)
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