Saturday, October 12, 2013

Penny Lane

When you move across the country, time stops for a moment. The date is a wandering mystery, while structure becomes a combination of boxes, takeout, and discovering the new city that’s not yet home (aka getting lost). The wrong turns are enjoyable, particularly with mountains and vibrant fall leaves to encourage your path. It’s pleasant. But, it’s also terrifying. Nothing is as it was or ever has been before. 

Embracing change is exciting, but awkwardly unsettling as it slowly adjusts to the new normal (without NeNe’s comic relief). I don't know where to take the dry cleaning and breakfast tacos are a very distant memory. 

This morning we finally made it to the running trail along  the Susquehanna Riverfront. The mountains abruptly take over the landscape and bring perspective to the little encounters of "uphill running" we came across. Every half-mile we would stop to relish the breathtaking (and punny) view. 

I'm so excited to be on this adventure and share the experience with the love of my life. Here we go!

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