Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Hiking is one of those great escapes that combines exercise with an overwhelming sense of peace in natural beauty. I am a big fan, but don't go often as Dallas is more of a concrete city. It’s undeniable. This city just built a park in the middle of downtown, over a 8-lane highway, because that was the only way to get a tree in downtown. Maybe it’s trying to be cosmopolitan, but I often find myself desperate for some quality time with nature. On Saturday, I went on a little getaway to the Cedar Ridge Preserve. It’s 30 minutes South of Dallas, and the perfect, serene park with numerous hiking trails. I went with a dear friend and George, of course. 

We completed a 3-mile hike and can't wait to go back. There are a number of trails and it would be easy to spend a whole day at the preserve.
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