Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Valuable Pursings

At 26 years old, adulthood is killing me. Everyday is another lesson learned, leaving me to wonder when I will actually know something besides Bravo’s nightly lineup.

Today, the valuable lesson of product warranties is on the table. Some companies have fabulous customer service principles with great warranties. Nordstrom is the model child for customer service. If there’s a problem, yo, they’ll solve it. The company is willing to stand behind their inventory and ensure that customers remain customers for life. 

However, I took warranties for granted and diversified my purchases. But the buck stops here. After one year, my Kate Spade Gold Coast Maryanne is fraying at the handle and the “quilted leather” is rubbing off. This is not a purse I carry everyday, or throw on the ground, so I was extremely surprised by the deterioration.

I emailed them about my disappointment in the quality of the product, to which they responded there was nothing they could do since the 1-year warranty had expired (by 20 DAYS!).  Not even a capital letter was sent my way.

If I had bought this at Nordstrom, where it is also available, they would replace it effortlessly and apologize for my trouble. But, being the inexperienced consumer, the purchase was made directly on and I’m now one purse down.

Lesson of the day:
Research product warranties/return policies before making purchases, especially during the holiday season while deciding on gifts for others.

Honorable mention- Amazon is also very accommodating and responsive with any customer service issues.
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