Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thoughts for a Monday

Obstacles arise. Do I learn who my real friends are or do my friends learnwho I really am? Or maybe it has nothing at all to do with me. Every momentthere are a million directions being pursued- people fall, people succeed,people lull and it takes time to realize how it all shakes out. As a friend recently pointed out, the 20s are a "defining decade", nothing has been completely established or fully realized. But it's hard to subside the feeling that everything needs to be a little more defined by now.

Regardless of my trials and tribulations, people continue to surprise me and I need to learn to be more accepting and more forgiving. It’s the quiet friends who always meetme halfway, while the others abandon me at any obstacle. Or is it because Iabandon myself? Everyone around me is constantly surprising and supporting mewhen I need it most, even strangers lift my spirits.  I’m a people pleaserand I want everyone to be happy, and happy with me. But, if I know how to make myself happy, it’s transferrable. Also, I should probably stop focusing on myself so much- Lesson #1. These are my confessions.
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