Wednesday, July 20, 2011

life is a balancing act, thankfully.

Women need their financial independence. It gives a person confidence and security within themselves. Dependence is dangerous.  Thank you Cosmo radio. 

Traveling for work has many perks. I get to explore the East coast, meet new people and listen to XM radio in my rent car. This is my first work trip as I’m usually bound to my desk with endless emails and phone calls. This is a welcome change of scenery.

Back to Cosmo. I think this is a valuable point for the radioshow hosts to make, but, after championing the cause of women pursuing their careers over anything else, my opinion evolves.  Everyone needs a purpose.  Something beyond relationships, but not something that may merely pay for your lifestyle, it’s whatever it is inside that builds a sense of unique self.

And while love is important and a career is important, balance is crucial. Balance helps give way to an overall purpose, a feeling of being needed. In my humble opinion, the most important thing for me is to have balance among many areas, not to “put all my eggs in one basket” so to say.

Sometimes (every-single-day), Jeff leaves hangers on the door handles in the bathroom. This bothers me. But, then I go meet my friends for happy hour and the hanger fiasco no longer matters. (And I’m less outraged when I bring it to his attention.)

With this balance, it’s easier to live and let go, while not getting caught up on little things, but allowing myself to enjoy the bigger picture. I’m a worrier and it’s been a challenge to not stress over small things, but this is the best solution I have found in my 25 years.
Of course, there are bigger items that I apply this to. But right now they’ve slipped my mind because I’m feeding my “writing” purpose.
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