Monday, February 28, 2011

product, product, happy tea!

Good Monday to you! Hope you had a fabulous weekend that will get you through the work week. Last week there were no products, but this week there are three! Lucky ducks.

The Good
Volume Spray 25

Most fantastic hairspray to ever grace my thin baby hair with its presence. It smells good, gives your hair volume and hold, with the love only a hairspray can give. My indecisive nature often comes into play, and this wonder-can allows for recreation without creating sticky starch hair. Love.

The Bad
Definity Intense Hydrating Cream

As the temperature dropped, my skin slowly required more and more moisturizer. After reading some rave reviews about this Olay Definity Moisturizer, I picked some up at Ulta with decent expectations. But this was a disappointment from the beginning. The consistency lacks any creamy nature. It is water-like and not at all "intensely hydrating," as it claims. This may be better for the summer, but I was not satisfied, and, after a couple months, there was no change in skin tone.

And then if you're ever having a bad day, because it's a Monday perhaps, drink this:

Woman's Energy
Yogi Tea
Works every time. But make sure honey is added.
It's magic tea: turns that frown upside down.
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