Friday, September 24, 2010

a book I love

To anyone who believe's in the power of books, or any written word, Nicole Krauss's second novel The History of Love explores this concept in an original and fascinating way, entangling multiple lives that finally intersect at the end. A novel within a novel, The History of Love brought two people together in Spain, left a girl searching for the character she was named after, and revealed to another author who his biological father was, but all without the author's knowledge.

Simply put, "He fell in love. It was his life." The fictional tale of a man who wrote The History of Love without any expectations is deeply moving. Every endearing character is described through stories of their own life experiences, because, ultimately, isn't it the stories that make up a person? He touched many lives with lasting and overwhelming influence, by simply pouring his heart out on the page, without hesitation. To let go, to feel, to love.
I just finished this book, and could not wait to share a quick, little review of it, the book just left me so giddy inside. There are times the plot gets a bit confusing (switching points of view, timelines, entangling relatives), but plow through and it will all come together. The reward is great!
I recommend to everyone.
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