Tuesday, September 7, 2010

adventures in nail polish

Lippmann Collection Ruby Red Slippers Nail Lacquer
This is fabulous. Accurately titled, Ruby Red Slippers by Deborah Lippman. A few months ago, as I sought a surprise for my nails, this color crossed my path. Reminded immediately of my favorite childhood shoes that rekindled dreams of Dorothy, I bought the pricey bottle with little hesitation.

After the first coat, I regretted the adventure. There is a black base that darkens the original intent of flirty red sparkles. I have a day job and this is most definitely a night job nail-color, I thought.The first-coat was already committed to my nails, so I pressed on with coat-two. Not so bad, I thought quietly. But was I just trying to calm my nerves?

Then, the third-coat. The little bottle of nail polish started to work its magic. More red sparkle than solid black, but not the Dorothy sparkle of my childhood shoes. It was sophisticated, a sparkle that moved subtly with the motion of my hand.

Surprise yourself.
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