Monday, August 2, 2010

indulge in the little things

I am a coffee fanatic. It's been perfected to a science, I know exactly how I want it, and it's sometimes a problem.

For example: Cheap diner coffee I drink black with one splenda, but delicious, freshly roasted/grounded coffee I drink with a splash of cream and no sweetner. I can tell when Starbucks let the espresso sit in my cup too long before adding the milk (more bitter) and I only buy coffee beans and grind them at home before I brew a cup.
Told you, problem.

But, I know good coffee and one of my absolute favorite caffeine-induced experiences comes from Blue Bottle Coffee. Beautiful, delicate flavor without all the marketing hype that often overwhelms the coffee experience.

All this to say, I recommend treating yourself to a special cup of coffee courtesy of Blue Bottle Coffee. The closest one to Texas is many states away and so I ordered a bag online last fall, what an extravagant coffee delivery!

Here's a semi-recent article from the New York times:

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