Friday, July 23, 2010

The September Issue, finally.

Following the whirlwind last couple of weeks (including planning and throwing a surprise party), I had the most relaxing evening yesterday.

Homemade pizza, a glass of Cabernet and this movie:
Amazing. Such a great escape with such creative talent, particularly refreshing when I spend all day with politics. It's been on my to-do/see list for a year so it's about time.

On another note, will someone please start a fan club for Grace:
inspiring, endearing, love her. A little glimpse can be experienced in this article.


Bree said...

It took me a good year to finally watch that movie too; I wanted to see it so bad, I don't know why I waited! I loved it, it was great to see the behind-the-scenes and how it's done.

Stylestance said...

I agree, such an interesting movie that brings you into their world. Sounds like a good night :)

Café Bellini said...

I have this dvd! And I'm following!

Crystalin said...

Totally loved Grace in this~ she was the star of the film.