Monday, June 21, 2010

short absence

Well it has been a bit of an absence folks, but a lot has happened. A family emergency type situation exhausted my energies most of last week. My grandmother passed away, and while she was not in good health, that does not make it easy on anyone. And while I don't feel like this is an appropriate forum to delve into unhappy, depressing, life facts, just know that I missed this!

I've often found that it's the happy things that draw people in and provoke more conversation than silence-breeding contemplation. So there you have. Life is hard and right now it is difficult, more so for those around me, but we keep going.

In happier news,
The move is almost complete, yay! and then I can slowly start organizing everything into its proper place. I will try to post pictures tomorrow as that is probably easier than writing right now.
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