Monday, May 10, 2010

words outdated

How fantastic is this?Aaah! I love it! When I was little I was constantly on the search for the perfect fort/treehouse in the woods to escape the world and I'm pretty sure this takes the cake.

Meritorious Monday...
(I also used "mosey" during a conversation yesterday with Jeff's parents, just slipped right out because I'm 90 years old. I was hoping it didn't register, but he brought it up this morning. Lost some of the few cool points I am still clinging on to.)

1. Weekend. And Mother's Day really made for a wonderful weekend! I went home to see my wonderful parents! It was a great visit! Everything is always better at home too, such comfort. The Fam, in a pose:

2. Old Friends. One of my closest friends is moving to San Francisco (now I must visit, often.). Her story is one of ridiculous luck, she lost her job on a Friday (which is an outrage in itself), and had a final interview where they offered her a job the following Monday. She's pretty ecstatic and had luckily already started interviewing for jobs in San Francisco because her boyfriend is there and they will now be moving in together! yay! I love them. Sorry for the run-on. Here's a pic from our New Year's festivites...the outfit shot:

3. The White Chocolate Mocha Misto that woke me up this morning.

4. Gorgeous and delicious wine, what a feat! Kris Wine...I had the Pinot Noir and it was delicious, but the label really blew me away. An Italian Artist designed the beautiful label and it is a great gift. I gave a bottle to my mom for Mother's Day!

5. Blog love. Thank you all so much for following, reading and commenting. It's great getting to know you, or at least little glimpses.

And finally, the sweet award from Bree (flattered, thank you so much!!).
I will pass it on to Same Sweet Girl! She always has lovely things to say and is an uplifting read (especially good for the Mondays).
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