Wednesday, May 26, 2010

whistful whists

The latest development in living room ideas comes from a duck in the pond outside my office building.
We have a nice brown bookshelf, but the table I'm looking at is black and the couch is gray or cream (undecided). When I first thought about this, the scheme seemed like too much clash and not enough order. Yesterday, I saw this gorgeous duck in the pond and when he fluttered his wings, shades of deep blue and green appeared along with gray, black and brown!! He was gorgeous and now, I've accepted the different elements and have decided on green and blue accents, like Mr. Mallard.
greenglasscanhh410 by alifemorefabulous.
missionstatementausvogueliving1 by alifemorefabulous.
And I would like to do this to my office at some point...
january • 2010 by miss vu.
And after I did all this research, look what I stumbled upon,

And this little lovebug is at Doggie Day Camp right now.
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