Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday morning, not the store.

(via everythingfab)
I love this! That typewriter! When I was younger I would spend hours typing on my grandmother's typewriter. It looked very similar to this and I loved the act of pressing the keys down with such intent and seeing the immediate gratification of your words in print. Finding Forrester captures this adrenaline rush rather well. It's a great movie, I should watch it again.

This is also my every morning lately (minus the typewriter, sadly). I sit down at my desk with a full cup of coffee and blog. It's a strange thing that I never thought I'd get into. I've attempted numerous blogs, but this has, by far, been the most diligent. The physical acts of writing as oppose to typing and holding a newspaper as oppose to scrolling down a screen have always trumped their electronic counterpart in my mind. But here I am, blogging and loving it (weird!?). The digital age has made a small victory on me.

Also, here's a new goal for May-Absolutely no online shopping. It was getting a little out of control, the ease at which I could simply press add to shopping cart and place order needs to be checked. The last two packages I received were not fantastic and I'm now having to return them, which would all have been averted if I simply saw it in person or tried the dress on. So, May, I will hit the stores if I need something.

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