Wednesday, May 5, 2010

now is a pretty good time for margaritas

Last night I was having the usual gabfest with my neighbor while our adorable dogs played with each other. She's dating a guy who has unrealistic expectations of what he wants from a relationship. He only wants the happy and thinks that's how it should be, I think this is usually a greater problem with girls, but it addresses the same issue. Nothing is perfect, but we only see the perfect, everything tends to be idealized in our minds and as soon as something doesn't align we retreat.

There's the perception of a relationship or a marriage and then there is the reality, and rarely, if ever, are these two sides the same.
It is much easier to run away or attack the other person than it is to work through something together. (I have been known to randomly visit friends in other cities to avoid situations, healthy, I know.) But, it's the challenge that makes life worth living. It's important to challenge yourself constantly and continue to grow and seek out life, but it is also important to challenge one another and grow together. And, also, both people must be willing to challenge themselves throughout life.

"You'll never know more than you know right now." And I don't want to know everything or have it all figured out because then there's nothing left. Life is in the challenge.
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