Thursday, May 13, 2010

movers and shakers

There's always an overload of speculation on the perfect nail polish once sandal season graces us with it's warmth. This is my pick:

Movers and Shakers, by essie.
Hands down.

It's a sassy pink and makes people think my indecisive mind has finally been made up. I carry it in my purse so that I can just hand it over at the nail salon as oppose to staring at the random selection they provide for an embarrassing amount of time.

It's gorgeous, I love it, and I don't know who it wouldn't empower!


Nicole Marie said...

ooo so pretty! for some reason i usually only wear opi but i may have to switch it up a bit!

Kayla said...

I think I'll be grabbing this pronto!

its simple love said...

I like the idea of taking it with you. Love that. That way you already know what you want and you will probably not regret your choice later.


Erika said...

Given the fact that you have just described this shade in the most amazing of ways...I'm off to buy a bottle myself!! :)

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

BEEautiful!!! I looove bright pinks on my toes for summer!!!! I love OPI Lapazitively Hot and That's Hot Pink. They are so pretty!! :) I'll have to try this one!! Thanks girl!

Lyndsy said...

OOh I will have to try this one out now because of your rec! Thanks!