Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fresh Mint!

A coworker brought in some homegrown mint leaves for the office today, which really only brings one thing to mind...mojitos!

Picture of Mojito Recipe

I'm a big mojito fan and with this phenomenal Spring weather I will probably be grabbing a few sprigs for this weekend.

Here's the recipe my dad perfected:

Rum, make sure to use dark rum, I can't remember the name of the one we always use...
Mint Leaves
fresh mint leaves
Club Soda
Key Limes

Put about 2tsp (or more) of sugar at the bottom of your glass with 6-8 mint leaves.
Muddle the mint leaves into the sugar until the leaves are very fragrant and torn.
After this add the juice of 1 key lime and the desired amount of rum, usually about 2 shots.
Then fill the glass with club soda and ice! tada!!

*Last time we made these we thought it may be better to use splenda or agave nectar instead of sugar, but it has not yet been tried.

Story: Jeff and I decided to make them at my parents house and he accidentally used salt instead of sugar. It was not a good substitute.

If I make them this weekend I promise pictures of everything!
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