Tuesday, March 30, 2010

trays, trays, trays


Trays are my new obsession and I have been convinced they are a necessity, so elegant. I've decided on two. One will be in the bathroom for either makeup or jewelry (still undecided) and a larger tray for the bar. Ideally, I would have a little bar cart to store liquor, glass, mixers, etc., and then the tray would grace the top, displaying the liquor. It would be a cute little entertaining corner, we shall see.

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M. Connor said...

I'm in firm agreement as to the elegance of trays. I have a few (& my mother has roughly half a million). It's too bad the Irving Antique Mall closed down, because they had quite a few pretty trays. If you go antiquing, let me know - I love pawing through old things.