Tuesday, March 16, 2010

only three more months


My favorite television shows are embarrassing. If it's embarrassing to admit watching, I watch it. In that vein, "Pretty Wild" on the fabulous E! begged for my attention, at least for a test run. It's hard to tell if I will watch it, or unintentionally catch it in marathon form in a few months, but there were some words of wisdom, "You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with."

Interesting and at least partly true. Everyone is more alike than they are different and so people bring out those similar characteristics in each other, let's relate. I think it is important to be mindful of this, both so I am able to be exactly who I want to be and also so I am able to understand other people. If we're all alike, why is it so hard for everyone to just get along? Everyone cherishes their differences more, and mostly because that's what sets everyone apart. Generically, we are human and we are similar. Specifically we are the culmination of life experiences, but we are all in this life together. Let's get along.

I have terrible luck with roommates. While my dad said that it's probably me, thanks dad, I will blame it on fickle luck. My first college roommate was Japanese, with an unbelievably limited grasp on the English language. I asked her what her major was and she just giggled and nodded. That was our most successful conversation. She had Japanese parties in our tiny dorm room, where, I believe, everyone just gathered to taunt me with their Japanese. So, I moved. A friend from orientation told me that one of the main freshman dorms had a few rooms open, so two weeks later, I moved. My new roommate was fine, a little scary, but the typical freshman roommate experience. When I met her she asked me about my sleeping habits to inform me that she sleeps 5 hours a week, yes, a week. Needless to say, we were on different schedules. All was fine and dandy until one morning, roughly 5 a.m. she falls out of bed. Now this is a five feet drop from her twin bed, so I'm concerned and she's not moving. It's a long story, but I called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital.

Around 8 a.m. she gets back to the dorm and is now upset with me because she has to pay for the ambulance. If you're unconscious in my room, I'm calling the ambulance. I feel like that's reasonable.  So, I was afraid of living with her, because she now had this grudge against me and kept threatening me because apparently she had to go to AA because of the whole incident.

I moved again.

Third move, first semester at college, one month. And not my fault, dad. Next semester of college my roommate was bipolar and an RA, again, not my fault. This was followed by some decent roommates, along with meeting my best friend Liz, and best roommate ever. I wish I could bribe her to move to Dallas, because now I'm back to terrible roommate season.
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